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In 2008 Boni commissioned the photographer Kieran Doherty to take four portraits of women MPs for each party, Cons, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Clare Short, Independent, to celebrate 90 Years of Women and the Vote, which still hang in Parliament. They can be seen here
, Copyright Boni Sones.

Two Forgotten Sisters from Suffolk and women's modern political progress today

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Listen to Boni's 30 minute interview about her books on the Lesley Dolphin Show BBC Radio Suffolk in August 2010 here. Thanks Lesley!!

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Listen to extracts from Jackie Ashley's one hour BBC radio documentary "A Monstrous Regiment".

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Boni Sones OBEListen to Boni talking about the British Library Women MPs Audio Archive on the Today Programme (BBC Radio 4 website)


In April 2018 to celebrate #Vote100 year and 100 years of women and the vote Boni Sones compiled two documentaries of what women in the UK parliament had done for other women:

Female MPs Part One #Vote100 Documentary

In this special #Vote 100 documentary selects soundbites from interviews we have conducted with women MPs of all political parties about the issues they have championed during 2018.

We speak to: Spelman, Trevelyan, Onasanya, Onn, Harman, McGovern, Caulfield, Hodgson, Eagle, Malhotra, Onasanya, Spelman, May, Ford, Whately, Cameron, Swinson.

The interviews were conducted by Boni Sones.

Female MPs Part Two #Vote100 Documentary

In this special #Vote100 documentary selects soundbites from interviews we have conducted with women MPs of all political parties about the issues they have championed during 2018.

In Part Two we speak to: Swinson, Hodgson, George, Powell, Miller, Jowell, McKinnell, Throup, Spelman, May.

The interviews were conducted by Boni Sones.

International Women's Day 2017 20 years of women in the UK Parliament documentary

In March 2017 to celebrate International Women's Day Boni collated this documentary for students at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge to listen to women MPs across Party say what they achieved in their careers for other women: You can listen here:

You will hear from Margaret Sitta, Tanzania;Theresa May; Gillian Shephard; Barbara Follett; Joan Ruddock; Anne McGuire; Linda Clark; Rosemary McKenna; Sandra Osborne; Oona King;(2006) Fiona McTaggart; Joan Ruddock; Tessa Jowell; (2015) Bernard Jenkin, Caroline Spelman, Maria Miller, Lynn Featherstone (2016). Theresa May (2007). Eilidh Whiteford, and then the Zimbabwe parliamentarian.

May 2015:
Throwing in the Towel - How Labour women MPs fought to change Westminster politics

On 30 March 2015, when Parliament concludes, ten Labour women MPs will be "throwing in the towel". Together they have served a remarkable 200 years in Westminster. The list includes two former Secretaries of State, Tessa Jowell and Hazel Blears, and five former ministers or junior ministers; Anne McGuire, Meg Munn, Dawn Primarolo, Glenda Jackson and Joan Ruddock, as well as former parliamentary private secretary Sian James and committee chair Joan Walley. Their colleague Linda Riordan, another committee stalwart, is also now standing down.

Together they have put major new government laws on the statute book, on everything from equality to education, the environment and civil partnerships. Even the 2012 Olympics might not have come to London, but for the more than ten years that Tessa Jowell spent pushing for it.

To mark their achievements the History of Parliament Trust joined with Women's Parliamentary Radio to recorded 'Tribute' interviews with eight of them, which will be placed in the Trust's archives.

In Part One we talk to Dame Joan Ruddock, Tessa Jowell and Hazel Blears. They are interviewed by Jackie Ashley and Deborah Mcgurran.

In Part Two we hear from Joan Walley, Dawn Primarolo, Anne McGuire, Meg Munn and Sian James. They are interviewed by Boni Sones, Linda Fairbrother and Deborah Mcgurran.


Boni presenting her Stories of Sizewell and Suffolk on Anglia TV.

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